Flying Poop

The thing I love about fantasy, is that you can make up new expletives. The world may actually need new expletives.

I write a column about dogs for the local paper – and I was told not to use the word poop. It apparently offends people. The oppositional defiant person in me – just wants to write a column that goes something like this – “Poopity, poopity, poop, poop, poop.” Because if no one has noticed – dogs poop. So do people and every other species on the planet.

Along with pooping, we also fart, belch, pee. We are born, which is incredibly messy. And we die, which may or may not be messy, but is pretty final. And for some odd reason, we don’t like mentioning, writing, or discussing any of these things. But farting – is not just for 3rd grade boys. It’s fact of life. So, let’s stop being so namby pamby about the human (and other animals’) body and admit we have bodies and they do things.