About Priscilla


Like the tagline (thanks to my friend Laura) says, I’m a librarian, a fantasy writer, and an animal lover. Like all good writers, I’ve had a multitude of jobs, because the best part of a book is always the about the author page. And because 1) writers need a place to get stories, 2) it took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up, and 3) sometimes the fear of writing made me try a lot of other more lucrative professions in order to avoid writing. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I really stunk at those more lucrative professions.

I’ve worked as an animal geneticist, a shepherdess (my husband married me, after all, because I had small hands, the better for birthing lambs), a nurse practitioner, and even a preacher. Now, I’m a Library Director, which sounds important but really means I get to plunge toilets, deal with flooding buildings and leaky roofs, as well as budgets, grants, programming, collection development, and assorted other tasks. No, I don’t spend my days reading. Although with the number of book clubs I run, I should.

For writing, I’m currently working on a middle-grade fantasy, having just finished up an Adult Fantasy. And I’ve got a YA fantasy sitting in a desk drawer somewhere, too. My household consists of two dogs, two cats, two chickens, but only one husband (Bruce, married to him for 37 years!), but alas no sheep at the moment.